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☆Those Wings are the real thing☆
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Rivaille appreciation post (◡‿◡✿)

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With permission from artist to repost

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"Okay Erwin... I'll go with you"

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fashionable prick

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The following audio was recorded in a house in Philadelphia. The home owner complained of creepy noises coming from the basement at night

A digital recorder was placed in the basement to record any noises. After 3 days of nothing, they finally found this.

They claim to have not altered it in any way. 

It sounds non human and almost animal like. But not like a raccoon found in your backyard, something far more sinister. 

I think I should just put in here, that sightings of demons have always been reported to be a half humanoid/animal like creatures. 

Definitly sent chills down my spine.

Original video

Audio post for the creepy sounds heard in outer space

This is fucking insane… I don’t expect you guys to believe me and I don’t know if this is real or not but when I would hear “voices” and shit, they sounded like this. Fuck.

So most comments of my post are something like this:

and then I see your comment and I’m absolutely terrified for you because the home owners could’ve just moved out, but for you sounds as scary as this are coming from your own mind

how do you escape that?

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Face massage :D

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I told an unknown truth and it killed my father.

Then I realized the value of lies.

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the scouting legion

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after erwin dies, levi doesn’t leave flowers on erwin’s grave. instead, he leaves them everywhere erwin was when he was alive, everywhere that they were together and shared memories. one day they’ll see a garland of chrysanthemums on the banister where erwin and levi had an argument about whether cats should be allowed in the HQ. the next day they’ll see a bouquet of heliotropes on erwin’s chair in the dining hall. 

when soldiers wander into former commander’s office - perhaps seeking advice or maybe to pay their respects, or maybe because they miss the ambience of erwin’s office - they see that it’s full of flowers.

levi’s outside the office window, eyes closed and just out of sight. they can’t see the corporal, but they know that it’s him, leaving little parcels of flora in the places he misses erwin most. 

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i did a push up why am i still fat

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